Silver Package (Day Treatment)


Golden Package

  1. Rejuvenation (Rasayana Chikithsa) – Restoration of youthfulness. This included head and face massage with medicated oils and creams, body massage with herbal oil or powder, medicated steam bath and administration of internal rejuvenated medicines. This improve complexion and the voice, and increases physical strength and immunity. And also strengthens memory and intelligence as well. This package include various rejuvenation treatments such as Panchakarma, shirodhara, herbal oil massages (head, face, body and foot) abhyanga, udwarthana, medicated steam bath, Navarakizhi & Pizhichil.
    • Treatment duration must be 7 days – 21 days
  1. Detoxification – There are two main things that the body needs in order to heal itself. They are nutrients and detoxification. Detoxification is the removal of toxic matierials wchich areaccumulated in the body. The toxins and free radicals provided by the body’s constant metabolic activities can damage body cells. Accumulations of these toxins cause diseases. Purification processes which come under Panchakarma treatment will help to eliminate the toxins effectively. Sneha karma (Oleation) and Sweda karma (Sweating) are the pre treatment for panchakarma. Five main procedures in this treatment are;
      • Vamana (Therapeutic Emesis)
      • Virechana (Therapeutic purgation)
      • Snehavasti (medicated oil enema)
      • Kashayavasti (Medicated decoctionenema)
      • Nasya (Nasal passage and sinus cleansing)
    • Treatment duration must be 7 days – 21 days
  1. Weight Loss (Weight reducing) / Sliming or slim down – At Swastha Ayurveda, special programmes are included in Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss with the purpose to cut down excess fat, to correct the irregular metabolism and to clear the body channels. Udwarthana (Deep dry massages with herbal powders and paste; rejuvenation massages with specific oils), Herbal steam bath, Virechana (Medicated purgation), Vasthi ( Medicated Enema) and internal medicine etc help to mobilize accumulated fats. Special diet programs and yoga postures are also adviced to reduce body weight.
    • Treatment duration must be 14 days – 21 days
  1. De – Stress (Stress Releasing) – The lack of ability to handle daily stress is due to an imbalance, or lack of coordination of 3 main mental functions Dhi(learning), Dhriti(retention), and Smrithi(long term memory) and lack of Ojas (energy) in the body. Abhyanga (Relaxing massages), navarakizhi, shirodhara, thakradhara, shirolepa, shirovasti work physically to soothe muscles and tensed nerves. Yoga and meditation program calm the mind and bring back the natural rhythm of the mind and body. Our doctors will check your past medical history and diagnose your present condition, and then will give you a perfect treatment plan to get rid of stressful mind.
    • Treatment duration must be 7 days – 21 days
  1. Beauty Care (Fairness / Harmony) – We provide Ayurvedic skin care treatments that are herbal, non toxic, non irritant and help to maintain health and increase the beauty of your skin.also our products are natural and plant based. Ayurveda treatments like Udwarthana (Ayurvedic powder scrub), Mukha lepana (Ayurvedic face care), navara lepana, ksheeradhara, fruit packs, medicated paste applications, Hair care treatments, specific massages will enhance the overall beauty.
    • Treatment duration must be 7 days – 14 days

*** The above treatment plans are the general Ayurvedic treatments for a normal person. After doctor consultation, will decide the perfect treatment procedure. ***


Massage Therapy

1. Ayurveda Full body massage therapy(medium strong)
2. Ayurveda Full body relaxing massage therapy
3. Ayurveda Deep tissue massage therapy
4. Aroma Full body massage therapy
5. Marma abyanga chikithsa (full body massage with acupressure points)
6. Synchrone body massage therapy
7. Head massage therapy
8. Head and neck massage therapy
9. Face massage therapy
10. Neck and Shoulder massage therapy
11. Back and Spine massage therapy
12. Back, Neck and Shoulder massage therapy
13. Back and Leg massage therapy
14. Foot and Leg massage therapy
15. Foot massage therapy
16. Foot Reflexology massage therapy

Oil Therapy

1. Shirodhara
2. Sarvanga dhara
3. Nasal treatment (Nasya karma)

Steam Therapy

1. Pinda sweda
2. Herbal inhalation
3. Herbal steam bath
4. Herbal sauna bath
5. Herbal bath

Beauty Therapy

1. Ayurveda Facial
2. Ayurveda full body Scrub
3. Flower bath